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SBSE Retreat 2003
Airport Shuttles

Site Logistics Coordinator
Robert Koester, Ball State University

Airport to Waycross Shuttles (Monday - 8/11/03)
Waycross to Airport Shuttles (Friday - 8/15/03)

Airport to Waycross (Monday - 8/11/2003)
Passengers should catch the shuttle at the extreme southeast corner of the airport's lower terminal by the ground transportation pick-up area.  
Click here to see a map of the pick-up area.
Click here to link to the Indianapolis International Airport website.
The vehicle will be a white 8 passenger van marked with a SBSE shuttle sign.  The shuttle will arrive at the airport a short time prior to the scheduled shuttle departure time.  Airport regulations allow only brief stops in this pick-up area so the shuttle driver may be required to repeatedly circle past the pick-up point until all passengers arrive.
To stay on schedule shuttles will depart for Waycross promptly at the indicated time.  Travelers who's flights are delayed should catch the next available shuttle.
Shuttle Departure Time Driver Passengers Flight Arrival Time
Shuttle #1
11:00 am
Jeff Culp Sandifer 5:25 am
Fife 8:52 am
Meyer-Boake 10:03 am
Shuttle #2
2:00 pm
Robert Koester Leibowitz 11:34 am
Bachman 12:59 am
Shuttle #3
3:45 pm
Robert Fisher Mitchell 1:39 pm
Peffer 1:50 pm
Armpriest 2:01 pm
Dent 2:31 pm
Haglund 2:46 pm
Shuttle #4
5:00 pm
Jeff Culp Crutchfield 1:39 pm
Sethi 3:37 pm
Kasper 3:55 pm
Shuttle #5
7:00 pm
Robert Fisher Ho 4:46 pm

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Waycross to Airport (Friday - 8/15/2003)
Passengers should catch the shuttle in front of the conference center main entrance.  To stay on schedule shuttles will depart for the Airport promptly at the indicated time.
Shuttle Departure Time Driver Passengers Flight Departure Time
Shuttle #1
6:15 am
Jeff Culp Dent 9:25 am
Meyer-Boake 10:35 am
Shuttle #2
8:15 am
Robert Koester Peffer 11:15 am
Kasper 12:00 pm
Sethi 12:15 pm
Grondzik 12:35 pm
Shuttle #3
11:30 am
Jeff Culp Haglund 2:23 pm
Armpriest 3:12 pm
Crutchfield 5:11 pm
Shuttle #4
1:30 pm
Robert Koester Mitchell 5:11 pm
Bachman 5:20 pm
Ho 5:28 pm
Fife 6:02 pm
Sandifer 7:55 pm

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