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SBSE Retreat 2003
Submission Logistics

Program Coordinator

Leonard Bachman, University of Houston

Everyone will contribute to this year's retreat by presenting a specific issue in one or more of the sessions.  To be included in the retreat, all respondents are asked to submit a one-page proposal to present in one (or more) of the four themed sessions.  These proposals should include a write-up of specific issues to be discussed and the questions or issues that will fuel discussion.  The keynote leader for each session and sequence of other presentations will be determined from the proposals.

In addition, everyone should be prepared to bring a personal "hot topic" from their last year's experience to share.  This might have some interest for new directions to pursue, teaching strategies and projects, or whatever happened outside of the ordinary since the last retreat.

Respondents should submit the following items:

  • Presentation proposal(s), one-page each - please identify desired session(s)
  • Contact information

Materials may be submitted electronically to

Hard copy materials should be submitted to:

Leonard Bachman
University of Houston
Architecture 122
Houston, TX  77204

Submission Deadline:  Monday, 3 March 2003, Midnight EST

Notification of the semi-final-agenda will be sent by email and posted to the SBSE listserver and retreat website around 15 April 2003.

Successful respondents, once notified, must then Register for the retreat.

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