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SBSE Retreat 2003
Theme:  Architecture as Pedagogy

Program Coordinator
Leonard Bachman, University of Houston

The 2003 SBSE Summer Retreat theme is Architecture as Pedagogy. This topic focuses on relationships between the messages we deliver about buildings and the buildings we deliver the messages from. We take the Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College as a natural and handy example based on the philosophy of its director, David Orr. Our conversation will revolve around the manifestations of architectural and environmental wisdom in buildings where the lessons are acted out in explicit and instructional ways. See David Orr's article, Architecture as Pedagogy II.

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Session 1:  Teaching and the Facilities it Happens In

What environmental attitudes are communicated by the places where you teach? What are the connections and rifts between the lessons and the teaching/learning environment? What do students learn about the veracity of our lessons from the examples of these places?
  • Connections and reinforcement of lessons
  • Rifts and dissonance

Session 2:  Greening the Campus

At the village scale, how are campuses acting to form patches of green infrastructure in the overall network of cities?

Session 3:  Design Typologies for Environmental Study Centers

How does "design for design" in the mode of environmental design for environmental centers translate into architecture as pedagogy?

  • Typological elements and their symbolic impact
  • Invisible technologies made visible
  • Metering, automation, and other data display

Session 4:  Case Studies in Architecture as Pedagogy

Aside from the Oberlin CES and the Florida A&M College of Architecture facilities, what other exemplar works can we refer to when examining buildings and the pedagogical elements of their design?

  • Discuss at least two case study examples that you personally favor.
  • Distribute a list of references on each building.

Roundtable Discussions

Everyone will bring a personal "hot topic" from their last year's experience to share.  This might have some interest for new directions to pursue, teaching strategies and projects, or whatever happened outside of the ordinary since the last retreat.

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